The principal service of J.D. Maher & Associates, Inc. (JDM)  is business management of your information technology.  Our managers will be devoted to developing Your Business through effective use of technology.  Let us join your management team  and start realizing the promise of 21st century information technology.

JDM's primary focus is complete Infor-mation Technology Management for owner-managed businesses.  But we do offer important services for all groups and organizations with technology needs.

JDM can show you how
and why to use IT to
develop Your Business.  We will actually become Your
Information Tech-nology Management.

JDM's proprietary Small and Medium Information Technology Strategy (JDM-SMITS) is the heart of all our products and services.  JDM-SMITS provides a uniquely effective means of using information technology to promote business development.

21st century technology usage should not be an unfortunate requirement.  It must be a means to pursue and realize the greatest value for Your Business.

We are in business to help do exactly that for our clients.  JDM would like to become your Information Technology Management.

JDM believes that the most important  job for IT is to lead.  Comprehensively integrated technology is not just an effective deployment tactic.  It is a model of effectiveness for the organi-zation as a whole.  Use IT to lead the development of Your Business.

Leading to greater competence.  IT
should stimulate enhanced organiza-
tional competence.

Leading process devel-opment.  Purpose-driven technology stimulates bus-iness development.

Leading enterprise-defining projects.  When IT must work, rely on decades of project success.

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