Processes for Your Business?

J.D. Maher & Associates, Inc. (JDM) recommends a simple rule-of-thumb to guide application software for an owner-managed business: USE packaged software.  Do not buy a package and then modify it to fit your business.  Adapt Your Business to the package.
Given this guideline, Selection becomes critical.

“JDM is often asked 'How much custom software should I commission to support our business processes?'.  For owner-managed businesses, the answer is always quite simple: NONE, zilch, zero, nada!”

We are compelled to explain that business process should be conducted in accordance with best practice standards.  The only reason to deviate is when specialization provides a competitive advantage.  If such an advantage can be proven to be cash-flow beneficial, the specialization should be considered part of your market offering; that is, product process - not business process.

Application Selection must be done well.  Often, global standard applications make good choices (e.g., technical and productivity applications).  Sometimes, a defining process mandates the use of a specific vertical-industry package.  Always, integration capabilities affect these decisions.

These are long-term decisions (minimum, seven years), that affect daily practices throughout your organization.  JDM would be pleased to help you make just the right Application Selection for Your Business.

There IS a correct sequence to grow IT functional capabilities.
IT must match Your

Significant gains can
often be realized by

formalizing, refining,
tracking, supporting
and integrating pro-
cesses you already have.

JDM can show you how
and why to use IT to
develop Your Business.  We will actually become Your
Information Tech-nology Management.

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