Leverage our experience.

The principals of J.D. Maher & Associates, Inc. (JDM) have successfully directed IT projects for several Fortune 100 companies.  There are key ingredients and critical practices required to ensure success.  First and foremost is Executive Sponsorship.  JDM can show you how.

“Realistically, key executives are simply not available to personally direct complex IT projects.  Yet an executive perspective is required, even in the daily conduct of such projects.  JDM expertise is the solution."

JDM provides organizational management tactics to accomplish Executive Project Direction.  Preferably, Executive Sponsorship is provided by the CEO.  Business Engagement is managed by the JDM project director at both executive and functional management levels.  Crisp communications, consistent direction and facilitated conflict resolution are vital to maintain organizational involvement.

The result is technology deployment that accommodates the cultural adjustment.  No surprises, no false starts, no back-outs, no cross-functional incompatibilities, no culture shock.  And a faster realization of returns on your technology-based business investments.

21st century IT as an  essential, integral constituent of Your Business process.

JDM can help you through unusual periods of business change by lending our experience and expertise to  manage critical IT functions.

If you must replace ALL your applications, or a piv-
otal business-defining app, don't "bet the business".
Call us!!

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