What technology do I need, exactly?

Computers, high-speed internet access, operating software, anti-everything, application software, webhost, router, switch, cables.  All need to be reasonably current technology and all need to include maintenance support.  That will get you started!

“The vast array of technical choices available to owner-managed businesses makes Information Resources Provisioning just that much harder.  What is needed is Information Technology Management."

There are very good choices available at quite reasonable prices.  These "off-the-rack" options fit pretty well for most owner-managed businesses.  But bad choices can also be made, and all too easily.  Two critical aspects often overlooked are scalability and integration.  Not all solutions are equal.

J.D. Maher & Associates, Inc. (JDM) designed the Information Resource Provisioning service to guide our clients in their technology acquisition decisions.  This service is an integral component of JDM's First Servant Engagement
and our Information Technology Management agreement. 

This service can also be provided on a project basis, often following an Information Technology Plan development.  Complementary services include  our Application Selection, Business Process Formation and JDM-SMITS Tailored Technology services.

We will specify and source
all your technology  require-ments.  Then manage in-stallation and maintenance.
No more hassles!

Neither ready-made nor
custom-built.  IT that is
fitted to
Your Business.

Selecting the "right"
application is critical
and complex.  Fit,
ease-of-use, cost, scalability and sup-
port must balance.

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