Don't "bet the business"!

If you are at the cross-roads where you must replace ALL your applications, or the pivotal business-defining application. don't "bet the business".  Call J.D. Maher & Associates, Inc.  (JDM).

“Sometimes, IT absolutely MUST work.  That's not easy, but IT is simple.  Organizational commitment and skilled, experienced Implementation Management can assure a positive outcome.  IT can succeed!”

Bluntly stated, most complex IT projects fail because of a lack of organizational commitment.  This is understandable and predictable.  Changing pivotal and pervasive applications IS changing the business process.  Many organizations recognize the need, but lack the will to commit to such a cultural upheaval.

Several sophisticated management elements must be managed and integrated
to ensure a successful Application Platform Conversion.  These include:

  • Executive sponsorship

  • Organizational change commitment

  • Scope containment

  • Business engagement

  • Rigorous risk management.

IT can succeed, predictably.  Let JDM show you how.

21st century IT as an  essential, integral constituent of Your Business process.

Significant gains can
often be realized by

formalizing, refining,
tracking, supporting
and integrating pro-
cesses you already have.

JDM can show you how
and why to use IT to
develop Your Business.  We will actually become Your
Information Tech-nology Management.

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