A complete information technology solution

J.D. Maher & Associates, Inc. (JDM) can be the Informa-
tion Technology Management
  function in Your Business.
Many owner-managed businesses do not need or want a full, on-site staff to provide information technology capa-bilities.  JDM agrees; we can do a better job, cheaper.

“When an owner-managed business has developed to the point that they need managed information technology, there is only one component they MUST acquire to ensure success in their organization:  Management.”

JDM will provide an IT Manager for Your Business.  Working from a formal
Information Technology Plan, your IT Manager will develop the effective and
progressive use of technology within Your Business process.  Your IT Manager
won't need a phone or an office, since most of the work will be handled re-
motely.  Except, of course, the onsite work with your most important IT person-
nel: the business staff you already have.

Hardware, technical software, applications, monitoring, patching, maintenance,
configuration  and tuning.  All this will be handled without bothering the owner-
manager except with plans and progress reports delivered during the monthly
Information Technology Management meeting.  You'll only see the important
parts: development of your people, your processes and Your Business.

Let JDM provide an eval-
uation of
Your Business
technology.  We'll quickly
classify your needs and
guide your next steps. 

Neither ready-made nor
custom-built.  IT that is
fitted to
Your Business.

Significant gains can
often be realized by

formalizing, refining,
tracking, supporting
and integrating pro-
cesses you already have.

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