They need to be rock solid.

Managed Information Technology provides consistent, reliable and cost-effective information resources.
To accomplish this requires the use of standardized and reasonably current components, maintained and employed for business utilization.

“A significant benefit of Information Technology Management is the real-ization of actual returns from technology-enabled investments.  Without a business purpose, technology is just a toy."

J.D. Maher & Associates, Inc. (JDM) offers the JDM-SMITS Resource Foundations service in conjunction with a new Information Technology Management agree-ment.  Best practice standards are applied for Your Business.

JDM will standardize and stabilize the resources that will be the foundation of Information Technology Management for Your Business.  Outdated computers, software and applications will be modernized with cost-effective replacements.  Maintenance status will be brought current.  Capacities will be adjusted and capabilities will be rationalized.

Which hardware, software,
services?  From whom?  Will
IT integrate?  How much should we spend?  JDM will help you answer all of these questions.

The very best, all-
inclusive foundation for
Information Technology Management in Your
.  These first
steps MUST be flawlessly

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