If they talk tech, let them talk to JDM.

In conjunction with an Information Technology Management agreement, J.D. Maher & Associates,
Inc. (JDM) will serve as your agent with all technology suppliers.  Let JDM coordinate your technology.

“The trick to integration is knowing what's possible.  It is unrealistic that each technology vendor understand all Information Resources used in Your Business.  That's the job of Information Technology Management."

A moderately sized owner-managed business has many technology vendors.  There may be several hardware suppliers, two or three technical software suppliers, and multiple application vendors.  Separate service providers exist for internet access, website hosting  and website design. 

Several business operations suppliers may also require integration with information technology -  including telecommunications, shipping agents, office and shop-floor equipment suppliers.  In many cases, simple and cost-effective integration of just a few of these many technological capabilities can have a big impact on Your Business.

JDM will stabilize and  reinforce your IT under-pinnings.  They need to be rock solid.

The very best, all-
inclusive foundation for
Information Technology Management in Your
.  These first
steps MUST be flawlessly

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