A steady hand during troubled times

The principals of J.D. Maher & Associates, Inc. (JDM)
are very experienced information technology managers. Each can provide polished skills and a broad perspective based on success in diverse industries.  Seasoned judgment is exactly what's needed in troubled times.

“JDM principals have been (affectionately) characterized as 'grizzled veterans'.  After many years of long hours achieving successful, leading-edge technology implementations, we are forced to concede the point.”

JDM principals offer an unusual combination of business and technical skills.  We do not claim to be über geeks, but we do know how to effectively manage such resources.  JDM principals can provide pragmatic and results-oriented guidance for critical information technology functions during unusual transition periods.

Please note that this JDM service offering is designed to be temporary (normally, a few months).  It is intended for use only under exceptional circumstances.

Unexpected personnel changes, mergers and acquisitions, economic downturns or explosive business growth sometimes necessitate a sea-change of IT strategy.  We can help Your Business through these delicate periods with exceptional management.

Let JDM provide an eval-
uation of
Your Business
technology.  We'll quickly
classify your needs and
guide your next steps. 

Neither ready-made nor
custom-built.  IT that is
fitted to
Your Business.

Purposeful Informa-
tion Technology Man-
IT should
stimulate  growth, pro-fitability and realizable
value for Your Business.

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