JDM can show you how
and why to use IT to
develop Your Business.  We will actually become Your
Information Tech-nology Management.

21st century IT as an  essential constituent of Your Business process.

JDM principals have
led redefining projects for  Fortune 100 companies.

Technology for business purposes

IT for Business Development is the most effective strategy for achieving maximum realizable value for Your Business.  Each IT activity is conceived and implemented to achieve a specific, measurable business improvement.  Each IT activity deploys an enhanced business process, not a technology.  Each IT activity is measured, monitored and controlled to prove realized Return on Investment (ROI).  The resulting business processes are formalized, streamlined, integrated throughout the organization and known to be benefit-justified.  IT's the only way.

"J.D. Maher & Associates, Inc. (JDM) developed the Small and Medium Information Technology Strategy (JDM-SMITS) to achieve the foremost goal of owner-managed businesses: maximizing realizable value for Your Business."

IT for Business Development is the JDM-SMITS strategic element that directs activities to provide technological support of business processes.  The processes to be addressed are the opportunities identified with the owner-manger during the periodic Integral IT reviews.  The tactical activity to realize these opportunities is conducted as a project-related Business Process Formation engagement.  Together, these JDM products provide a purpose, direction and result expectation for IT activities.  This is Information Technology Management for Your Business.

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