Information Technology Management  for
Your Business

Information Technology is not something that should "happen" to Your Business.   Purchase, training and integration of IT is too great an opportunity to let it oc-cur haphazardly.  To maximize Return on Investment (ROI) for Your Business, IT should be Managed.   The way to start is with a plan that will provide purposeful, scheduled activities and control mechanisms that make productive use of technology to develop Your Business.

“The essence of Management is to plan, monitor and control activities in order to achieve a defined result.  It all starts with the Plan.”

Specifically, this engagement provides a detailed five-year plan covering all aspects of Information Technology Management for Your Business.  Business functions, policies, information resources, training, management and mainten-ance are all specified in  time-phased and costed schedules.  Importantly, metrics are provided for each business function supported and control mechanisms are planned for each, in order to ensure measurable ROI for your technology investments.

This service is often provided in conjunction with the second year of an Informa-tion Technology Management agreement, and is subsequently revised on an annual basis.  This approach is especially cost-effective, as it leverages business knowledge based on the  existing relationship.  J.D. Maher & Associates, Inc. (JDM) can also provide this service ala carte.  Please call JDM to discuss.

Let JDM provide an eval-
uation of
Your Business
technology.  We'll quickly
classify your needs and
guide your next steps. 

JDM will stabilize and  reinforce your IT under-pinnings.  They need to be rock solid.

The very best, all-
inclusive foundation for
Information Technology Management in Your
.  These first
steps MUST be flawlessly

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