Fitted, not customized, for Your Business

For most people, a near-perfect clothing fit can be achieved by performing just a little tailoring.  Snug it
up here, loosen there, embellish judiciously and ac-cessorize.  Voila, it fits like its made for you!   Tech-nology can be fitted like ITs made for Your Business.

“Modern information technology is sold like modern automobiles.  The buyer can choose from a vast array of options and accessories.  Most IT products have more configurable elements than a car stereo has buttons.”

Unfortunately, this configuration ability can lead buyers to "twist" IT products to the point where they are no longer truly functional.  A better approach is to realistically discern the true requirements for Your Business, and find an IT product that fits those needs out-of-the-box (with a little room to grow).   Then, use the product as-delivered, with only reluctant configuration changes.

The problem is labor costs.  Customizations add significant cost to technology acquisition, and institute an economically unsound overhead cost to the ongoing use of that technology.  These ill-advised cost escalators can easily offset the potential financial benefits of technology, eliminating realizable Return on Investment (ROI).

J.D. Maher & Associates, Inc. (JDM) will guide you to a better way, and actual returns on your technology-enabled business investments.  What Your
needs is Information Technology Management.

Selecting the "right"
application is critical
and complex.  Fit,
ease-of-use, cost, scalability and sup-
port must balance.

21st century IT as an  essential constituent of Your Business process.

Significant gains can
often be realized by

formalizing, refining,
tracking, supporting
and integrating pro-
cesses you already have.

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