Let JDM provide an eval-
uation of
Your Business
technology.  We'll quickly
classify your needs and
guide your next steps. 

Add Information Tech-nology Management to
Your Business.  Man-
aged IT is more than de-
ployment of technology.

JDM will specify and source the technology for Your Business.  JDM will handle delivery, installation, maintenance and vendor relations. No hassles!

Your Information Technology Management

JDM has provided Information Technology Man-agement services for over 20 years.  JDM helps business organizations develop their enterprise and maximize realizable business value.  Let us
be Your Information Technology Management.

"In 2005, JDM transitioned its business focus to the owner-managed business  market.  21st century IT enables the same capabilities for all businesses and we intend to help realize that potential."

The principals of JDM are experienced IT managers who have directed  leading-edge technology projects for years.  Our broad, successful experience lets us help all organizations take advantage of today's vast IT resources.  Your Business functional needs are exactly the same as the Fortune 100!

The managed use of information technology is essential to the development of all business organizations.  Purposeful technology deployments will provoke continual development of organizational competencies.

JDM provides business managers who specialize in technology, much as a CFO specializes in finance or a COO specializes in logistics.  Our broadly experienced IT managers guide your technology usage to ensure reali-zation of measurable returns on your technology-enabled business investments.  None of us forget that we are, first and foremost, helping to manage a business.  It's really not about the technology, it's about Your Business.

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