Leading Forward

Information Technology Management can help lead Your Business forward.  Inte-grated IT is inseparable from the business process.  J.D. Maher & Associates, Inc. (JDM) calls this Integral IT.  With Integral IT, technology projects  focus an entire organization.  Where do you need to go?  JDM will help you make IT lead the way!

21st Century Technology for Your Business

Big Business faces a competitive disadvantage: size!   The complexity of IT increases geomet-rically with the number of users.  Your Business can achieve far better returns on technology investments, because the owner can lead more effectively.  Let JDM show you how.

IT for Business Devel-opment.  IT should stimulate the development of growth, profitability and realizable value for Your Business.
JDM-SMITS Integral IT  21st century IT as an  essential, integral constituent of Your Business process.
First Servant Engagement
The very best foundation for adding Information Techno-logy Management to Your Business.  Let's make a great beginning!
Executive direction.  JDM principals  have successfully led enter-
prise redefining projects for the Fortune 100.
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