IT for Your Business.
Which hardware, software, services?  From whom?  Will
it integrate?  How much should we spend?  JDM will help you answer all of these questions.
JDM-SMITS Integral IT  21st century IT as an  essential, integral constituent of Your Business process.
Fit, ease-of-use, cost, scalability and support must be balanced.  JDM can help with these critical decisions for Your Business.
The proprietary JDM Small
and Medium Information Technology Strategy pro-vides purpose for technology usage in
Your Business.
Information Technology Management

This comprehensive solution is the premier service offering of J.D. Maher & Associates, Inc.  (JDM).  This service has been designed to specifically satisfy all the information technology needs of Your Business.  A JDM information technology manager joins your management team and directs satisfaction of your IT needs. Services provided with this comprehensive and long-term service may include the  following.

Transition Management

Unexpected personnel changes, mergers and acquisi-tions, economic downturns or explosive business growth sometimes necessitate a sea-change of IT strategy.  We can help you through these delicate periods with exceptional management.

How else can we help?  If you have any other Information Technology Management  need, please call.  We are certain that JDM can either help or provide an appropriate referral.  Contacts

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