Our Partners, and Yours

Your Business is our most important partner!
Let us be clear: We work for YOU.  Your interests come first. To better serve you, we maintain relationships with the BEST information tech-nology suppliers, and we strongly recommend their best products for Your Business.

Microsoft is the overwhelming market leader in "technical" software.  JDM recommends Microsoft technical software.  This ensures pervasive support capability for Your Business functions.  Microsoft also provides the best Productivity applications, plus Line-Of-Business products to consider.  Contact JDM to help determine which Microsoft products are right for Your Business.

Hewlett Packard is JDM's recommended hardware supplier.  HP business-class products include high quality components at reasonable prices, optimizing your total cost of ownership (TCO).  JDM urges that all hardware be purchased with service warranty, as this will provide required support.  Selecting the right hardware involves a prudent  balance of considerations.  Contact JDM to help you determine exactly which hardware components are the best for Your Business

Trend Micro is a premier security solution provider.  Security precautions protect information resources, assets and intellectual pro-perty and your staff.  They also protect you from liabilities you might not recognize.  Please Contact JDM for specific guidance to help deploy an appropriate security solutions for Your Business.

The very best, all-
inclusive foundation for
Information Technology Management in Your
.  These first
steps MUST be flawlessly

The proprietary JDM Small and Medium Information Technology Strategy pro-vides purpose and means for  technology usage in Your Business.

JDM can show you how
and why to use IT to
develop Your Business.  We will actually become Your
Information Tech-nology Management.

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