Management Services Products
J.D. Maher & Associates, Inc. (JDM) offers a variety of pre-defined Infor-mation Technology Management choices.  All Management Services Products are offered within the con-text of an IT Management agreement.

Let JDM provide an evaluation of
Your  Business technology.  We
can quickly classify your needs and guide your next steps.  Usually, JDM can offer this service - FREE!
JDM will stabilize and reinforce
your Information Technology
underpinnings.  To support your information resources, they
need to be rock solid!
JDM can show you how and
why to use information technology
to develop Your Business.  Not just a plan - we actually become
Your Information Technology
To leverage 21st century
technology, use IT as an 
essential constituent of Your
JDM will specify and source all
your technology requirements. 
We'll then mange delivery, instal-
lation and maintenance, repairs,
upgrades and replacements.  No
more hassles!
JDM can help you through
unusual periods of business change
by lending our experience and ex-
pertise to  manage critical informa-
tion technology functions.

Strategic Counseling Products
JDM offers Strategic Information Technology Management engage-ments and a selection of reports from the proprietary JDM Small and Med-ium Information Technology Stra-
tegy (JDM-SMITS)

Add Information Technology
to your business.
Managed IT is more than deploy-
ment of technology.  JDM can
provide and manage a five year  plan for Your Business.
Purposeful Information
Technology Management
IT should stimulate the develop-
ment of growth, profitability and
realizable value for Your Busi-ness.
The proprietary J.D. Maher &
Associates, Inc.  Small and Medium
Information Technology Strategy
provides purpose and means for the
technology in Your Business.
There IS a correct sequence
of growth for IT functional
capabilities.  IT must match
Your Business development.
Neither ready-made nor
custom-built.  IT must be fitted
to Your Business.
Two heads are better than
one!  Don't work alone if you
are unsure or  uncomfortable
with an Information Techno-
logy decision

Project Leadership Products
JDM offers pre-defined and custom Project Leadership engagements.
We serve as your Information Tech-nology Management.  All Leadership Products are offered in the context
of an IT Management agreement.

If you are at the cross-roads
where you must replace ALL your
applications, or the pivotal business-
defining application. don't "bet the business".  Call JDM!
Selecting the "right" line-of-
business application is critical
and complex.  Fit, ease-if-use,
cost, scalability and support
must balance.  We can help!
Significant gains can often be realized by formalizing, refining, tracking, supporting and inte-grating processes you already have.  Optimize the technology integrated operations of Your Business.!
JDM principals have successfully
led enterprise redefining projects
for Fortune 100 companies,
Desktops, laptops, servers,
monitors, printers, firewalls, routers,
switches. Operating systems, anti-
virus/spyware, productivity software.
Internet service provider, web host.
Which one should you get?  From whom?  Will IT integrate?  We know.
The very best, all-inclusive founds-
tion for Information Technology
in Your Business.
These first steps MUST be conceived
with vision and flawlessly executed.
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