Management Services

A complete information technology solution.  Information technology managers from J.D. Maher & Associates, Inc. (JDM) can achieve cost-effective  utilization of the most sophisticated technologies. Your organization will not need to maintain any in-house IT staff.

Strategic Counsel

Rapid and unambiguous direction
Whether you need a full Information Tech-nology Strategy, an independent evaluation of vendor proposals, or just a phone consultation.  JDM  will be glad to lend its experience and judgment  to help you make the right IT decision.

Project Leadership

Reliably successful IT deployments
There are key ingredients and critical prac-tices required to ensure success.  No surprises, false starts, back-outs,  cross-functional conflicts or culture shock.  And  faster realization of returns on your technology-based business investments.

Information Tech-nology Management.
JDM's skilled, experi-enced managers can
join your management team.
Strategic Counsel
Don't work alone if
you are uncomfortable with an IT decision.  JDM can help you decide.
IT for Business Development.  IT should
stimulate the development
of growth, profitability and
value for your business.
Executive project direction.  JDM principals
have successfully led  redefining projects for Fortune 100 businesses.
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