Purpose-Driven Information Technology

The proprietary J.D. Maher & Associates (JDM) Small and Medium Information Technology Strategy (JDM-SMITS) is founded upon an entirely new BUSINESS purpose for deploying technology.  Information technology must be a means to pursue and realize all the hopes you cherish for Your Business.  JDM would be pleased to become your Information Technology Management.

Provoking Business Development

JDM believes the primary goal of Your Business should
be to maximize realizable value.  Most owner-managed businesses can not expend much effort on that goal.  JDM-SMITS  uses Information Technology Management  to successfully further this end.   IT is planned to actually provoke organizational development and maximize reali-zable business value.  No other technology consultancy  fosters this foremost business principle.  Let us be your Information Technology Management.

Business Process Formation.   Significant gains can be realized by formalizing, refining, tracking, aiding and integrating processes
you already have.  Let
us help optimize Your Business.

Purposeful IT.
JDM can show you
how and why to use
IT in Your Business.  Let us be Your Information Techno-
logy Management

Information Techno-
logy Plan.
  Managed information technology is more than just deploy-
ment.  Add Information Technology Management
to Your Business.

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